Congressman Picks Ear on National Television AND EATS IT

Florida Friday

It can be one of the biggest battles parents fight. Most stop and ask themselves at some point, “Is it even worth the effort?”

Breaking your child of the habit of picking his nose and eating the boogers is worth the effort. Because even though his picking-and-eating habit may not stop him from doing something great with his life – even becoming a member of Congress – it will rear its ugly head at the most inopportune time.

Probably when he’s on national TV.

More Florida headlines from this week:

Palm City man reaches for taco when Martin deputies ask for ID

Best line: He put down his taco and taco bag, and deputies noticed the pick-up’s engine was on fire. Falkner said he’d imbibed “a beer.”

Man Upset Over Cookie Prices Robs Subway

Best line: The two men fought until the robber broke free and fled on foot with a fistful of $5 bills.

FWC officer finds coffin full of strange weapons

Weapons included: A ball with metal spikes, double-sided axe with handle, silver boat anchor, 2 black arm weights, metal pair of forceps and a crossbow among many, many others.

That escalated quickly.

Thanks to “Florida Man” on Reddit for all the news stories.


Never pick your ear and eat it. Especially when national TV cameras are pointed at the person speaking next to you.

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