Florida Man Is This Generation’s Noah

Florida Fridayhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bb3iLnEalS8

Just like Noah, the neighbors laughed at him.

“Come see the nutjob building the 10-foot bicycle,” they mocked.

“The flood is coming,” he whispered.

They scoffed some more.

Who’s laughing now?

More Florida headlines from this week:

A Florida resident drove around with a cellphone jammer for two years before being caught
Best line: Whether this made any difference in the quality of Humphrey’s commute, we are unsure. Unsurprisingly, he does not seem to be taking calls at the moment.

Squirrel goes nuts on teen taking ‘selfie’
Before and after.

Squirrel Selfie

Florida man accused of throwing bucket of urine on building inspector during investigation
Makes sense.

Urine Guy

Thanks to “Florida Man” on Reddit for all the news stories.


Laugh now, but when the flood comes, you’ll be pretty upset you never built a 10-foot bicycle.

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